Places to eat & drink in Stratford, ON.


Surprisingly 95% of our guests come to Stratford without a reservation. Much better to get a reservation as restaurants are typically booked prior to theatre. The trick is picking a spot from the many options.

A good place to start is at one of the local cafes – Cafe Bouffon (french pastries), the Livery Yard (yummy chia pudding), Balzac’s (the original cafe in town), Revel (local hang out) and Edison’s Cafe Bar (delicious healthy choices), all within a 5 minute walk from Edison’s and PCI.

For lunch, checkout Mercer’s (varied menu including deep fried sushi), Bentleys (upscale pub fare), Sirkel Foods (yummy sandwiches), Soup Surreal (the best soup), El Cactus (tacos) and the Butcher and Baker (deli style).

There are several fabulous restaurants for dinner. We recommend Braai House (fresh vibe with lovely patio), AO Pasta (owner is former chef of Enoteca), Pazzo (varied menu with the best pizza). Red Rabbit (innovative cuisine), the Common (international inspired menu), Bijou (upscale), Foster’s Inn (best steak), and the Planet Diner (vegetarian).

For the best patio, of course there is the Perth County Inn and the runner-up is the Revival House.

Suggestions for Dinner

AO Pasta



Braai House

Cafe Bouffon

The Common




Planet Diner

Mone Thai

Raja Indian Cuisine

Braai Bar

Suggestions for Lunch

Sirkel Foods

Soup Surreal

The Butcher and the Baker

Suggestions for Breakfast

Edison’s Cafe Bar

Joe’s Diner

Old Man and Son

Edison's INN
48 Ontario St, Stratford, ON
(519) 305-5005

Perth County INN
4 Huron St, Stratford, ON
(519) 305-5005