The Relic Lobby Bar is a friendly neighbourhood cocktail bar, with a classic feel and Cuban inspired design. Located right inside the same building as the Perth County Inn. 
No need to wrap up in a coat to get to Relic, you simply leave your room, open the hallway door and walk the 10 meters to Relic. You will be welcomed by Ulises and his fabulous crew who will entertain you on the intricacies of the perfect cocktail. You can enjoy the latin ambiance of the bar and, when ready, return to your room  with cocktail in hand. 


Tuesday: 4pm-midnight
Wednesday: 4pm-midnight
Thursday: 4pm-midnight
Friday: 4pm-1am
Saturday: 4pm-1am
Sunday: Closed
Monday: Closed


48 Ontario St, Stratford, ON
(519) 305-5005

4 Huron St, Stratford, ON
(519) 305-5005