No two rooms alike...

Edison’s, located in the heart of Stratford, has three unique rooms each with its own personality.

The first room, referred to as Edison’s, is where Thomas Edison lived in 1863 while working his first job as a telegrapher. The Music Room is the largest of the rooms with a larger than life painting of a local famous musician, Justin Bieber. There is plenty of space to play the  in-room guitar,  hangout with friends and dance to tunes. The Cafe Room is on the main floor overlooking the Avon River. It is perfect for coffee lovers, with the aroma of coffee from Edison’s Cafe and Bar next door.

More room to celebrate
with friends and family.

Perth County Inn has five hotel rooms, all on the main floor with four overlooking the river and the fifth with a view of majestic courthouse. The Inn is also home to a Cuban-themed cocktail bar and a Mexican styled taco shop.

Each room has a subtle theme; the Celebrations Suite with a soaker tub is perfect for honeymoons and special occasions, the Green Room embraces the green movement with the colour green, 1832 celebrates Stratford’s history, the cozy Playroom, with a whimsical touch and four poster bed, pays homage to the former tenant, a toy store and Courtside with a view of the Courthouse, is energized with a sports motif.

Stratford, On.

When on a getaway, the day typically begins with ‘What shall we do?’  In Stratford, you won’t be at a loss to keep your day busy. Even better, stay a couple of extra days and use Stratford as your home base to explore the scenic surrounding area. We’ve put together a list of our favourites so that you can get to the good experiences right away. If you’ve experienced something that we have left off the list, please let us know.

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