Check-in Kit

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We appreciate you taking the drive to Stratford, and get that you don’t want to wait in a line to check-in, so we’ve made check-in and checkout really simple, we promise you. Here’s what you can expect.

Perth County Inn and Edison’s Inn are on the same block in downtown Stratford.

Perth County Inn and Edison’s Inn are on the same block in downtown Stratford

So that you can go directly to your room, you will receive a text or email with key codes the morning of your check-in, from our fabulous concierge, Brendan.


Being a
small operation we are not nimble enough to be able to accommodate early checkin s and late checkouts. We wish we were able to.

You won’t likely hear from us on the day of checkout because we’ve experienced, at other hotels, the maid showing up at 8 a.m in the hallway because she wants to get her job done and who blames her. At Edison’s and Perth County, we won’t show up until after checkout so that you are not disturbed.

Edison’s Inn

Access to the Music room and the Edison’s room is through the reddish door at 48 Ontario Street, to the right of the cafe. Access to the Cafe room is via the Thomas Edison caricature door at the back of the building, 48 York Street.

Perth County Inn

To gain access to all five of the rooms at the Perth County Inn at 4 Huron Street, walk along the patio beside El Cactus, 2 Ontario Street. The entrance door is beside the metal sign – Perth County Inn, 4 Huron Street, Welcome to Stratford.

Location of Edison’s and Perth County INN (YouTube Link).

Edison’s Inn

Three reserved parking spots are located approximately one block from Edison’s. Simply, follow Erie Street north and take a right at Coburg Street. The parking spots are right on the street half way down the block, and are marked Edison’s. Parking permits are not required.

Edison’s Parking Options (YouTube Link)

Perth County Inn

Stratford has a shortage of downtown parking spots. We now have three parking spaces at 5 York Street, just beside the Inn. First come, first served. Parking is also available behind the courthouse, across the street from PCI. It is free between 3 p.m and 9 a.m and all day on Saturdays and Sundays. Please place note on your dashboard – Guest of PCI. For extended stay guests, more that two nights, we have reserved parking 2 blocks away. Please let us know.  All street and city parking is free overnight, from 8 p.m to 9 a.m and free on Sundays.

Perth County Parking Options (YouTube Link)

We will simply send you a payment link with a receipt after you have left, that is if you haven’t already fully paid.

Edison's INN
48 Ontario St, Stratford, ON
(519) 305-5005

Perth County INN
4 Huron St, Stratford, ON
(519) 305-5005