Stratford was first settled in 1832, yet this room has been modernized. The leather sofa tilts forward for the perfect afternoon nap.

Queen bed * Shower * Reclining leather sofa * Writing nook * Main floor * River

Green Room

Green refers to Stratford’s beautiful nature, where actors entertain and the
fabulous store just down the block. Better yet this room is green with character!

Queen bed * Shower * 2 Chairs * Writing nook * Main floor * River view

The Swan Suite

Enjoy the outdoors from the indoors. Two comfy sofas provide the perfect place

to cuddle up on, read or simply watch others pass by including a swan or two.

Queen bed * Shower * 2 sofas * 48 York Street entrance a few stairs up * River view.

The Music Suite ❤

As our largest room with 12 foot ceilings, the acoustics are in tune. Strum a few chords on the in room guitar. BTW, Thomas Edison did invent the phonograph.

Queen bed * Bath/shower * Leather sofa and lounging chairs * 48 Ontario Street
entrance * Second floor access via stairs * River view * Stair access (no elevator available)
❤ Perfect for 2 couples & Families.